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West Bengal

West Bengal Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for West Bengal and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Bank holidays are approved by the Government of West Bengal Finance Department under Section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. Sundays are holidays under the Negotiable Instrument Act as well. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, they are not listed as a public holiday. There are holidays in West Bengal when only banks are closed.

Government offices are closed on certain holidays each year, including the birthday of the Poet Bhanu Bhakt and Bhatridwitiya. Banks are closed on the Yearly Closing of Bank Accounts on April 1 each year as well.

Government employees are permitted to choose two restricted holidays each year in addition to bank holidays. These may include Easter Sunday, Baisakhi or Sab-e-Barat. Because many Muslim holidays are based on the sighting of the moon, dates may change from the officially released bank holidays. If this should happen, the date changes are announced under separate order.

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