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Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year 2025, 2026 and 2027

The Bengali people of West Bengal and Tripura celebrate their traditional new year on the first of Boishakh. That nearly always falls on 15 April in India. Bengali New Year is called “Pohela Boishakh“ in the Bengali language, meaning “first of the month Boishakh.“

202514 AprMonBengali New Year TR & WB
202615 AprWedBengali New Year TR & WB
202715 AprThuBengali New Year TR & WB
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Bengali New Year is filled with colourful processions, fairs, festive family get-togethers, and prayers to the god Ganesha and the goddess Lakshmi for health and wealth in the year ahead. It is traditional to thoroughly clean your house, make colourful “alpana“ displays in water pots, and to ritually bathe in a nearby river. Many will also put on brand new clothes, visit temples and give gifts of sweets or other foods to family and friends.

Cultural processions in many parts of West Bengal and Tripura are the main attraction. Some of them begin very early in the morning and include dancers, floats, and children in decorative costumes. But whatever their particular theme, they are always colourful and exciting.

As Bengali New Year is celebrated by people of different faiths and is a cultural more than religious holiday, many of the activities are enjoyed by all, even by non-Bengalis and visitors from other parts of India or from abroad.

Previous Years

202414 AprSunBengali New Year TR & WB
202315 AprSatBengali New Year TR & WB