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Guru Rabindranath Jayanti

Guru Rabindranath Jayanti 2024, 2025 and 2026

In West Bengal and Tripura, the birth anniversary of Rabindra Nath Tagore is one of the most festive celebrations of the year. This is also true in neighbouring Bangladesh and among Bengal people living throughout the world.

20248 MayWedGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20258 MayThuGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20269 MaySatGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
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The Guru Rabindranath Jayanti public holiday celebrates the life, influence, and works of Rabinda Nath, the great Indian poet-philosopher, musician, and educator. The day of the festival is 25 Baisakh on the Bengali Calendar, which may fall on or near 7 May on the Gregorian Calendar, depending on the year.

Guru Rabindranath was born on 7 May in 1861 and died in the year 1941. Despite being born into a rich family, he preferred to study at home with his father and brothers even from his youth. And even when sent to study abroad at age 17, he ended up quitting early and returning home.

But in India, Rabindra Nath’s poems, songs, short stories, plays, essays, autobiography and other works served to bridge the gap between Indian and Western thought. In fact, in 1913, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In West Bengal and throughout India, Guru Rabindranath Jayanti is the occasion for cultural programs and all manner of educational or entertainment focused events that focus on Rabindra Nath’s life and works.

Previous Years

20239 MayTueGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20229 MayMonGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20219 MaySunGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20208 MayFriGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20199 MayThuGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20189 MayWedGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB
20179 MayTueGuru Rabindranath Jayanti TR & WB