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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Uttar Pradesh and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Bank holidays in Uttar Pradesh are approved by the government and many of those approved are related to the religions found in the state. Republic Day, Independence Day and the birthday of Mahatma Ghandi are celebrated throughout India. Other bank holidays are in honour of freedom fighters and prophets that are revered in Uttar Pradesh. Good Friday and Christmas Day are also celebrated as bank holidays.

One public holiday celebrated in Uttar Pradesh is the birthday of Hazrat Ali, a religious dignitary who was said to be blessed by the Prophet Mohammad. On his birthday, Muslims in the Chishti community offer respect to him, considering him a Sufi saint. People celebrate by offering prayers seeking his blessing. Mosques also hold ceremonies for those who wish to recognise his great sacrifice.

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