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Ugadi 2020, 2021 and 2022

Ugadi is the name for the Hindu New Year for Marathi hindus in certain states of southern India. The day is based on the Hindu Lunar Calendar, so its date on the Gregorian Calendar can vary, but it usually comes sometime in March or April.

202025 MarWedUgadi AP, GA, GJ, JK, KA,
202113 AprTueUgadi AP, GA, GJ, JK, KA,
202213 AprWedUgadi AP, GA, GJ, JK, KA,

One of the most notable practices during this holiday is the creation of a “kolam” on the floor. These are large, colourful displays made out of chalk, rock dust, rice, or other materials. They can be very striking for their intricate design. Mango leaves are also used to decorate doors.

Many give to charity or give gifts to friends and relatives on this day. Wearing new clothes, taking a ceremonial bath and oil treatment, going to temples for prayers, offerings, or rituals, and eating special, symbolic and festive foods are all part of the celebrations.

The “pachadi” dish is especially important. It contains numerous flavours in a single soup. It can be sweet, then sour; salty, then bitter. It is meant to symbolise the idea that all manner of life experiences may befall one in the year ahead.

Nature is abloom with red flowers and new mango blossoms in the Indian spring, and so Ugadi is a great time for people to get outside and enjoy the greenery and pleasant weather.