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Nagaland Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 Nagaland public holidays. Please scroll down to view.

Nagaland became the 16th state in India in 1963 and consists of several Administrative Districts with 16 major tribes. Each tribe in Nagaland has unique customs, languages and dress. Music is an important part of life with popular songs eulogising ancestors, the bravery of warriors and immortalising ancient love stories. Many of the tribes engage in traditional ceremonies reflecting their culture, some of which occur on public holidays throughout the area.

Public holidays are determined each year by the Government of Nagaland. Although some are in conjunction with national holidays celebrated throughout India, there are many that are approved based on local culture. One celebration is the Hornbill Festival, a weeklong festival planned around December 1, the day that Nagaland became a state. Because there are many native tribes in Nagaland, each community celebrated with festivals that surrounded the agrarian calendar. The Hornbill Festival was designed to bring the tribes together to not only celebrate their diversity, but also to celebrate the statehood of Nagaland.

Christmas Day and Good Friday are also public holidays in Nagaland. The citizens also celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day and Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday which are all public holidays throughout India. Other holidays celebrated in Nagaland include Ramazan, the end of Ramadan, Bakri Id/Idu’l Zuha, the Feast of Sacrifice and Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Public Holidays 2017

26 JanThuRepublic Day
(National Day)
15 AugTueIndependence Day
2 OctMonMahatma Gandhi's