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Mizoram Public Holidays

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Bank holidays in Mizoram are approved annually by the Governor. Holidays are divided into two lists with the first showing holidays where the government, banks and schools are closed for celebration. These include Missionary Day, a holiday that celebrates the arrival of two Welsh missionaries who helped establish the Presbyterian Church in the area, as well as Diwali, an ancient Hindu festival known as the Festival of Lights.

Like the rest of India, Mizoram includes Republic Day, Independence Day and Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday as bank holidays. Good Friday and Christmas are also bank holidays in Mizoram.

Government employees are also permitted to choose two restricted holidays each year. These holidays include Pongal, a harvest festival, and Bahag Bihu, a festival that unites the population regardless of religion and promotes diversity. Easter Monday is also included as a restricted holiday in Mizoram as is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

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