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Vaisakh 2024, 2025 and 2026

Vaisakh, or Baisakhi festival, occurs in some states of India during the Hindu month of Vaisakh, on the very first day of that month. On the Gregorian Calendar, the start of the month of Vaisakh corresponds to mid-April.

202413 AprSatVaisakh JK & PB
202513 AprSunVaisakh CH, JK & PB
202614 AprTueVaisakh CH, JK & PB
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Vaisakh comes in the springtime and at the end of the rabi harvest. The “rabi” harvest refers to the harvest of crops grown during the winter that are ready in the spring.

In various parts of India, especially Punjab, Haryana, and West Bengal, Vaisakh is a time to give thanks for the harvest and to pray for a prosperous year to follow. Many also get up very early on Vaisakh to take a bath in a nearby holy river.

Previous Years

202314 AprFriVaisakh HR, JK & PB
202214 AprThuVaisakh CH, JK & PB
202113 AprTueVaisakh JK & PB
202013 AprMonVaisakh JK
14 AprTueVaisakh PB
201914 AprSunVaisakh HR, JK & PB
201814 AprSatVaisakh HR, JK & PB
201713 AprThuVaisakh CH, HR, JK & PB