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Ramdev Jayanti

Ramdev Jayanti 2020, 2021 and 2022

Ramdev Jayanti is a public holiday in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The main celebration of Ramdev Jayanti takes place at the temple dedicated to him that is located in Ramdevra. However, Ramdev is so popular that he has many temples both in and outside of Rajasthan and his birthday is celebrated by many people all over India.

202028 AugFriRamdev Jayanti RJ
202116 SepThuRamdev Jayanti RJ
20226 SepTueRamdev Jayanti RJ

Born around A.D. 1409 in the town of Pokharan in western Rajasthan, Ramdev became famous both for his attempts to revive Hinduism and for his alleged miraculous powers. Many of his followers believe he was an avatar of Krishna, and so they worship him as a god.

One particular community in Rajasthan have an unusual way of worshiping Ramdev. As he is usually depicted as riding a horse with a cloth covering, worshipers bring toy wooden horses covered in cloth as offerings.

There are also fairs put on in some cities of Rajasthan on Ramdev Jayanti, and people go to pray at any of the many temples dedicated to him.