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Onam 2018 and 2019

Onam, more fully “thiruvonam,” is a Hindu rice harvest festival primarily kept by Hindus of Malayalam descent.

201824 AugFriFirst Onam KL
25 AugSatThiruvonam KL
201910 SepTueFirst Onam KL
11 SepWedThiruvonam KL
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The date of Onam Festival varies on the Gregorian Calendar, but it falls sometime in either August or September. On the Malayalam Calendar, it is considered New Year’s Day.

In Kerala state, many Christians celebrate Onam as well, and the festival takes places in churches and with a “Christian spin” put on it. Muslims living in Kerala are told by their leaders that Onam is sacrilegious, but many Muslims keep it in spite of the warnings. To many, it is seen as a cultural event rather than as specifically religious, though it is based on Hindu myths of gods and demons.

Events to look for, should you be in Kerala for Onam, include: “pookkalam” flower arrangements, boat races, tiger dances, cultural women’s dances, traditional music, donning of colourful masks and costumes, martial arts contests, and religious offerings and worship.