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Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti

Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti 2022, 2023 and 2024

Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti, the birth anniversary celebration of Maharshi Parasuram, the sixth avatar of Vishnu according to Hindu tradition, is a major holiday in parts of India. The date of the holiday is based on the Hindu lunar calendar, but it tends to fall sometime in April or May on the Gregorian Calendar.

20222 MayMonMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ & RJ
3 MayTueMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti HP, HR & MP
202322 AprSatMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP, PB
& RJ
202410 MayFriMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP, PB
& RJ
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Parasuram is very famous from Hindu literature, and there are many interesting myths written about him. For example, his father is said to have had a cow named “Kama Dhenu” that could feed an unlimited number of people. The local king caught wind of this magic cow and asked Parasuram’s father if he could have it. When he was refused, he proceeded to kill both the cow and Parasuram’s father in a fit of rage. Parasuram then vowed revenge against that greedy king and against his people, the Kshatriya.

Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti is also the day on which the Mahabharata is supposed to have been begun. Thus, it is the birth date of the legendary writing as well as of the legendary character in it.

Many Hindus fast on Parasuram Jayanti, believing this can bring them “princely comforts”. And this is also the day when Hindus especially like to begin great endeavours and to acquire great possessions, such as gold decorations.

Finally, many will attend temples dedicated to Parasuram, which are scattered all over India, to pray.

Previous Years

202114 MayFriMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP &
202025 AprSatMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR & RJ
26 AprSunMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti MP & PB
20197 MayTueMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP &
201818 AprWedMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP &
201728 AprFriMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti GJ, HP, HR, MP &