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Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2025, 2026 and 2027

Maharana Pratap Jayanti celebrates this famed military hero from 16th century Rajasthan.

202529 MayThuMaharana Pratap Jayanti HP, HR & RJ
202617 JunWedMaharana Pratap Jayanti HP, HR & RJ
20277 JunMonMaharana Pratap Jayanti HP, HR & RJ
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Throughout India, people of all castes and creeds honour, or even worship, Pratap Singh. The “saga” began when Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great invaded the realm of Pratap’s father. Later, Pratap became the new king and, when he refused numerous offers of an “alliance” with Akbar, war broke out. Note that “alliance” really meant to become a tributary, subservient state.

Although Pratap did not ultimately defeat and drive out the Mughals, he did beat them in the first major battle of the conflict at Haldighati. Despite being outnumbered two to one, he used terrain and tactics to defeat and kill the opposing general. The battle consisted mainly of cavalry and elephant charges.

Today, many visit the memorial statute of Pratap, showing him seated on his war horse, in Udaipur on his birthday. There are also special religious rites and colourful parades that take place to honour his memory. You will see various cultural programs and displays, and you can see pictures of Pratap held high by parade participants.

Previous Years

20249 JunSunMaharana Pratap Jayanti HP, HR & RJ
202322 MayMonMaharana Pratap Jayanti HP, HR & RJ