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Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti

Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti 2025, 2026 and 2027

Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti is a public holiday in the Bengali-speaking state of Tripura. It is the birthday of the famed Bengal “rebel poet” Kazi Nazrul Islam. The holiday comes every 24 May, the day on which Nazrul was born back in 1899.

202526 MayMonKazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti TR
202626 MayTueKazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti TR
202725 MayTueKazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti TR
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Kazi Nazrul Islam was both poet and revolutionary. He lived in the days of British India and openly wrote in favour of the independence movement. For this, he was often jailed by the authorities, but even there, he continued his writing. His famous Deposition of a Political Prisoner was written in prison.

Nazrul wrote rather voluminously, and he greatly changed the style of Bengal poetry, making a clean break from the traditional style that had dominated since Medieval times. He is regarded by many today as a “social justice warrior”, and he is much admired in both Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal and Tripura.

Previous Years

202424 MayFriKazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti TR
202324 MayWedKazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti TR