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Basava Jayanti

Basava Jayanti 2022, 2023 and 2024

Basava Jayanti is a holiday in Karnataka and is also celebrated throughout the southern states.

20223 MayTueBasava Jayanti KA
202323 AprSunBasava Jayanti KA
202410 MayFriBasava Jayanti KA
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Basava Jayanti is the birthday of the acclaimed founder of the Lingayat form of Hinduism, named “Basavanna.” He was born in the 12 Century and was a famed poet and philosopher who left words of practical and moral instruction to future generations.

In Karnataka, Basava Jayanti is recognised as a state holiday. Its date can vary from year to year, but it usually falls in late April or early May.

The holiday sees colourful parades in major cities of Karnataka, during which portraits of Basavanna are carried through the streets. There are also organised seminars where his teachings are repeated and learned. A flag is also hoisted at the Basaveshwara Statute in Jagat Circle, where parades may also pass by. The celebrations involve great jubilation and can last for three days.

Previous Years

202114 MayFriBasava Jayanti KA
202026 AprSunBasava Jayanti KA
20198 MayWedBasava Jayanti KA
201818 AprWedBasava Jayanti KA
201729 AprSatBasava Jayanti KA