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Baba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti

Baba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti 2018 and 2019

Baba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti, the birthday of Sri Chand, is a public holiday in the Indian state of Punjab. The holiday is a time when people remember his life, teachings, and writings.

201818 SepTueBaba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti PB
20197 SepSatBaba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti PB
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Born in 1494, Sri Chand lived an exceptionally long life. He was the son of the founder of Sikhism, and he himself founded the “Udasis” movement within Sikhism. Many of his writings are now a part of the Matra Sahib, which is the Udasi scriptures.

Baba Sri Chand is most well known for his preaching of peaceful coexistence among all religions. Both Muslim and Hindu Indians, besides Sikh, hold him in high respect. Some Hindus even consider him an “incarnation of Shiva”.

On Baba Sri Chand Ji Jayanti, there will be special events held in honour of Baba Sri Chand at which his life will be remembered, his doctrines reaffirmed, and his writings publicly read.