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Odisha Day

Odisha Day 2019 and 2020

Every 1 April is Odisha Day in the state of Odisha, to commemorate the formation of the state during the days of British India. Originally, the state was called Orissa, and some still refer to the holiday as Orissa Day.

Year Date Day Holiday States
2019 1 Apr Mon Odisha Day OR
2020 1 Apr Wed Odisha Day OR

In 1576, Mughal invaders conquered what is now Odisha and the surrounding regions. This ended the reign of the last Hindu emperor of Odisha. In 1803, the British took control of the area and made much of it part of Bengal Province. Later in 1912, the province of Bihar and Odisha was separated from Bengal. But it was not until 1 April, 1936, that Odisha (Orissa) became a separate province.

To celebrate the creation of their province, and now state, of India, residents of Odisha attend events with traditional dancing and music, where Odissi dances are performed by famous artists. There is also an emphasis on the state’s history, and leaders give speeches on “locally patriotic” themes.