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Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu 2019 and 2020

The Bohag Bihu festival is celebrated with a public holiday in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh each year.

201913 AprSatBohag Bihu Holiday AS
14 AprSunBohag Bihu AS
15 AprMonBohag Bihu AR
202013 AprMonBohag Bihu Holiday AS
14 AprTueBohag Bihu AR & AS

Bohag Bihu is the first and most important of three Bihu festivals during the year. It is the new year celebration, a celebration of the arrival of spring weather, and a sowing festival. Rice is the main focus of the sowing.

All of the Bihu festivals are centred around rice and agriculture and are meant to honour Krishna, the fertility goddess, cattle, and elders. On Bohag Bihu, there is feasting, dancing, musical performances, and other events. Some will also hang pots from poles by their homes, and children may don flower-garlands and to through the city streets “welcoming the new year”.