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Bihar Day

Bihar Day 2025, 2026 and 2027

Bihar Day, or “Bihar Diwas”, is a public holiday in the northeastern Indian state of Bihar. It is kept on the 22 March, the day in 1912 when Bihar became its own province of British India, being separated from the province of Bengal. The states of Orissa and Jharkhand were also created out of Bengal on this same date.

202522 MarSatBihar Day BR
202622 MarSunBihar Day BR
202722 MarMonBihar Day BR
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The rich, deep cultural roots of Bihar are remembered and put on display during Bihar Day. Bihar is the third most populous state of India and is the birthplace of Buddhism and of the Mauryan Empire. It is also unusual in that its population is almost 90 percent rural, which definitely affects its culture.

The Bihar state government issues an official declaration of the day every 22 March. All government agencies and schools observe the holiday, and there are numerous special events.

In some places, celebrations can last for several consecutive days. You may see street stalls selling a variety of local cuisine, musical and cultural performances, and other unique events.

Previous Years

202422 MarFriBihar Day BR
202322 MarWedBihar Day BR